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When you’re tired of firms who act as if doing your work is doing you a favour, give us a call. Choose a local, professional carpet cleaning company in Hackney E2 that values your custom.

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Why We Offer Both Steam and Dry Cleaning

It’s vital that your carpet cleaning services are matched to the composition and condition of your piece. Sometimes, your own needs may also influence the kind of treatment indicated.

Your technician will choose dry cleaning for delicate fibres, shrinkable pieces, or those vulnerable to colour run. Solvents are selected for specific stains, which are pre-treated before the main cleaning process takes place. A dry powder is worked into the carpet, allowed time to absorb dirt then vacuumed out. With no drying time to worry about this method is also great when time is pressing, making it a popular choice for commercial customers wishing to refresh and rejuvenate a carpet quickly.

Steam cleaning is preferred when the deepest possible cleansing is required. Again, stains or heavy traffic areas are pre-treated before the main shampooing takes place. Your cleaner uses a top-grade machine which removes up to 90% of the water at the end of the process, maximising removal of dirt and reducing drying times. Scotchgard stain protection to protect your cleaned carpet is an optional extra – ask for more details when you think this might be beneficial to you.

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However you get in touch, let the customer service adviser you speak to know when you’d like multiple pieces cleaned – you may get a discount!

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